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Demons with green glistening  faces  push me into a huge fungus, and I am  digested, except for my head,   which  plops  out of the base and rolls across a carpet of tiny purple mushrooms.

Is hell madness?  Is madness hell?   I must concentrate on my identity.

If this is part of the rebirth process — but I must concentrate; om mani padme hum,  my  name is Hugh Toffle, I teach English at Lady Guinevere College, I go out  with  Yolanda, her  father  —  

I remember an  ostrich-skin cowboy boot smeared in blood.

I must be dead, yet I still slobber.

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Appointment In Samara

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I looked in the direction of Shibam and saw smoke columns  against  the brightening sky.

In the distance behind me, the muezzins started to call  the faithful to their mosques.  The sound rose and fell with the mint breeze  coming from the Wadi below me.

The muezzin's voices faded.  Then I became aware of the small noises that must have been there all along: the dry breeze  stirring  scrub; the sound  of rifle-bolts and slides being checked; a murmur  of  voices from below, where Abdullah's camel-cavalry waited under cover.

Originally published by Barclays Books, this action-adventure thriller set mainly in Yemen has become newly topical again with recent events in the region. We have about three dozen original copies left. The majority were destroyed in a warehouse fire so these are rare books. The author will sign and number each one.
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